During the first week of June, Particle holders gathered alongside crypto experts, NFT collectors, art enthusiasts, and celebrities at the Particle Foundation’s third event tour – this time at the highly celebrated LA gallery, Praz-Delavallade. Banksy's iconic work, Love is in the Air, was at the center of it all.

Here’s a recap of some of the week’s highlights….

Particle holders posing next to their Banksy LIITA work IRL on opening night


The Particle Foundation opened its doors to Particle holders for an exclusive party at Praz Delavallade from 6-10pm. The space filled up quickly, with 150 Particle holders in attendance and celebrity chefs, fashionistas like Just Jared, and luminaries like Ben Harper rounding out the guestlist. Guest artists Abi Salami, Naila Opiangah, and Trevor Andrew – aka Gucci Ghost, who looked swaggy as usual – mingled alongside friends of the gallery’s co-curators, Daniel Sierra Dominguez and Bailey Jane, as DJ William set the vibe. Most importantly, Particle holders connected IRL and mingled around their shared Banksy piece, earning POAPs in the process that could unlock a special gift in the future. Two people connected so deeply that they’re now planning to run a marathon together!

Top Left to right : Artist Trevor Andrew aka GucciGhost and Abi Salami posing in front of their respective works.
Bottom left: Artist Naila Opiangah posing in front of her work at the LIITA Effect Exhibition.
Bottom Right: Co-curators Daniel Sierra Dominguez (left) and Bailey Jane (right) pictured together in front of Michael Reeder's work.


The exhibition at the forefront of the week’s events was an homage to Particle’s first acquisition, Banksy’s Love is in the Air. The iconic piece is one of the most globally recognizable anti-war images. The event’s co-curators, Dominguez and Jane, brought together four talented artists – Michael Reeder, Gucci Ghost, Naila Opiangah and Abi Salami – to speak about the Banksy piece, reflect on its cultural significance, and respond with inspired works of their own. 

The results were incredible. Bursting with incredible colors and imagery, the four artists’ works collectively reflect the human condition and experience. A stylistic mix of provocative playfulness and hope flooded the room with deeper meaning – namely an underlying urgency for human connectivity and community spirit.


This intimate evening featured co-curator Daniel Sierra Dominguez speaking Salami and Opiangah. The hour-long insightful talk was presented to 40 people, with an additional 500+ Instagram Live listeners tuning in online. The discussions were among some of the most powerful this week, as the two artists reflected on how Banksy has informed their work, cultural heritage, personal upbringings, and inner feelings as artists.

Artist talk with Naila Opiangah and Abi Salami - moderated by co-curator of the Liita Effect, Daniel Sierra Dominguez


The powerhouse Pace Gallery recently merged with Kayne Griffin’s Gallery to become Pace’s new West Coast flagship. One of Pace’s New York Directors, Emelia Scheidt, led holders through two tours of the massive 15,000 square foot space in La Brea Ave. The tour included an overview of Tony Lewis’s exhibition, work, and legacy, as well as of two private rooms filled with monumental works by Louise Nevelson, Mary Corse, and Hank Willis Thomas. The groups were then taken to the James Turrell skyspace, a visceral and meditative experience that capped an exciting day of private viewings for Particle holders.

Particle holders enjoying a private tour led by Emelia Scheidt at Pace Gallery Los Angeles


Particle holders had the exclusive opportunity to visualize their particles in front of the actual Banksy painting. By scanning a QR code and aiming their phones at LIITA, holders could activate a 3D rendering of their Particle and even interact with it with their hands. The AR effect is still live, and every Particle holder can engage with the feature – even from the comfort of their own homes. Check it out here!

World Tracker - Find your Particle from wherever you may be in the world!


Seminal artist Andrew Totah, who has worked with the likes of LVMH and Mira Mikati, designed a limited edition tee for the event – our first ever merch drop.  The merch is exclusive to the LIITA event and there are still 15 remaining – grab yours right here before they’re gone! 

Particle's first merch drop with 100 limited edition Tees exclusively made for the LA tour

Overall, our visit to LA was fantastic! We learned that IRL events are a powerful way to get the community together and interact on a deeper level. The artists, co-curators, and all others involved were a big addition to the success of the event. Bringing together cultural luminaries from different sectors of the art world showed the Particle team that collaboration with art world experts is the best way to continue moving forward, and we can't wait to have you guys on board for this touring journey. Look out for an announcement in the coming months for your chance to vote on a European city!

Were you at the event? Want to get involved in Particle? Join us in our Discord and drop us a line!


What is an Art Foundation and how can this Model be Translated to Web3 

Art patronage is not a product of modernity. Although the emergence of non-profit organizations can be traced back to recent history, the act of philanthropic funding of the arts as a consolidated entity dates back to biblical times.  

Patronage was especially crucial during the renaissance period, during which the production of art, for the most part, was funded by aristocracy, kings, popes, cardinals, and guilds. Through their sizeable contributions to the arts, patrons gained significant influence in the shaping and governance of Renaissance artistic culture. Their contributions granted them a say in the aims of the artists they funded and the collections they acquired. This patronage produced an era that is widely regarded as the most prolific and influential period in Western art historical discourse, a period that undoubtedly flourished as a result, so much so that the Renaissance period has been inextricably tied to the concept of patronage.

Since then, every era has brought its own set of principles and practices surrounding patronage. One present iteration of philanthropic funding of the arts is non-profit art foundations.

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From All Female Artist Auctions to NFTs: The Evolution of Female Artists at Auction Happening Now 

History has demonstrated that to succeed as a woman in the fine arts has been no simple feat. While female artists have yet to come close to their male counterparts in terms of the highest selling prices at auction, works by female artists are more in demand and achieving higher prices now than they ever have at any other period in history.

Sotheby's recent "The Now Evening Auction" notably featured works by an overwhelming seven female artists, fetching prices from 415,800GBP on the low end to 2,919,000 GBP on the high. Sotheby's had tightly curated the lot to feature the hottest artists of the 21st century. This means the artists featured in the sale are still alive and see the success of their works within their lifetime. 

What is most remarkable about the sale is that most of the female artists featured are also incredibly young; Rachel Jones 31, Jadé Fadojutimi 29, Shara Hughes 41, Flora Yukhnovich 32, Hilary Pecis 43, Cecily Brown 53, Elizabeth Peyton 57. Even the eldest among them is at a reasonably young age to be seeing a successful career within an ecosystem that historically only affords meteoric success to female artists after their death.

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Particle Presents— Recap and Future Schedule

With an overwhelming response to our Particle Presents Twitter Spaces series, we are working on structuring and scheduling even more dynamic discussions for you in the coming months.

Launching in February Particle Presents— hosts guest speakers from diverse backgrounds in the art world and beyond to offer invaluable insight from the forefront of their unique practices! We sit down with industry leaders, innovators, and tastemakers to give you insider access to the art world and the newly emerging art tech sector. 

As this project continues to grow and evolve, we want to give you a taste of what’s to come and hear from you! What topics are you most interested in and would like to see covered?

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Our Main Takeaways from “Crypto Collectibles, Museum Funding and OpenGLAM: Challenges, Opportunities and the Potential of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)”

Our Main Takeaways from “Crypto Collectibles, Museum Funding and OpenGLAM: Challenges, Opportunities and the Potential of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs)”

While the topic of NFTs may be on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days, there is still little academic peer-reviewed literature on the subject. Recently, we came across a paper examining the opportunity for fundraising NFTs can provide for the cultural sector, specifically; galleries, libraries, archives and museums “GLAM”. Also explored are the challenges facing institutional adoption of NFTs. We would like to share our main takeaways from the report:

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Where do you want to see Banksy’s Love is in the Air Next?

Our team has compiled a list of ten cities, all abounding with thriving art scenes, that could host the next LIITA exhibition. The aim is to provide you with options that are not only  appealing to you solely based on their location but also ones where we will be able to enhance your experiences in the form of access to the larger art world. 

Why the US?

Let us outline why we have chosen to offer the first round of viewings in the US. Currently, LIITA is in Delaware, so firstly, in terms of logistics and transportation, it will be more ecologically conscious to have the painting and future collection tour on a continent by continent basis. Additionally, we plan to tour first in the US, since the majority of Particle owners currently reside in the US; however, next is Europe and after that Asia and Africa! We appreciate our community worldwide and are thrilled to have members in every corner of the world. We want all of you to be able to enjoy the collection in person and the experiences that we plan to tailor around its viewings. 

The US has an astounding array of art destinations for whatever it is that interests you most— whether you have a passion for antiquities, Native American art, Modern art, or anything else. We have handpicked these US cities, not only on the premise of accessibility for our Particle owners but also for their vibrant and eclectic offerings of art and culture. These cities also dialogue with LIITA, the first painting we chose to acquire. We want to showcase Banksy's work in a city that champions art for all! A city where we can curate a series of tours, talks, events and experiences in partnership with museums, artist studios, art fairs and leading experts in the field. We plan to showcase the work for two weeks, during which time we will offer as many events as possible. 

Where to Next?

Denver, Colorado

When you think of street art, you think of Banksy. The same is true for Denver— best-known for being the street art capital of the world! From the jaw-dropping murals in the  RiNo Art District to the bold and multi-coloured walls abounding in the Dairy Block district. Denver is also home to one of the largest museums in the Western United States -  The Denver Art Museum houses over 70,000 beautiful masterpieces for you to discover. Into Abstract Expressionism? Clyfford Still, one of the great masters of the Abstract Expressionist era has a museum solely devoted to his art in Denver. There is also a thriving contemporary art scene, one mark of this is the dynamic Museum of Contemporary Art Denver. 

Dallas, Texas

Texas has grown to be a large piece of the art market puzzle with a growing collector base, strengthening museums and private foundations. The Dallas Art Fair will also be running from April 21-24, 2022 which can easily align with the next LITTA exhibition. The fair will be offering a rich selection of modern and contemporary works from over 130 artists. Another highlight here is the Nasher Sculpture Center which holds an iconic collection of works by internationally acclaimed artists like Alexander Calder, Picasso and Henry Moore. Other highlights include The Dallas Art Museum and  Dallas Arts District. Another gem is a new Art space, the Green Family Art Foundation which opens one family’s impressive private art collection to the public.

Chicago, Illinois

Get up close and personal with some of the world’s most famous artworks at The Art Institute of Chicago. The permanent collection houses the most extensive collection of acclaimed impressionist works outside the Louvre, with paintings from Monet, Cassatt, Renoir, Degas, and modern masters like  Willem de Kooning, Andy Warhol, Eva Hesse, Jasper Johns, Ellsworth Kelly, Joan Mitchell, Bruce Nauman, Jackson Pollock, Gerhard Richter, and Cy Twombly. The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago leads the way in championing the new and unexpected in contemporary art and culture through its exhibitions. The EXPO Chicago Art Fair is running April 7-10, 2022, which will host 150 leading art galleries and institutions from more than 20 countries globally. Another highlight in Chicago is the Smart Museum of Art which houses more than 16,000 artworks, ranging from European paintings and Asian arts to contemporary and Modern art.

Los Angeles, California

The city in which Banksy's "Barely Legal" exhibit took place in September of 2006, seeing crowds upwards of 30,000, including Brad Pitt and Jude Law, witnessed the artist's mastery. Banksy once said that Hollywood is a place where they honour their heroes by writing their names on the pavement to be walked on by fat people and peed on by dogs. It seemed like a great place to come and be ambitious. In that spirit, we think it would be a great place to exhibit his work once again, speaking to the dialogue between "high" and "low" culture as Banksy so expertly does. There are an innumerable number of art studios to visit and major museums and collections, including; The LACMA Museum (the largest museum in western America), The Underground Museum, The Getty Museum and The Hammer Museum. Another stand out is The Geffen Contemporary art at MOCA which  is located in the historical area of Little Tokyo. Just opposing that is The Broad Museum, which houses the likes of Jean-Michel Basquiat, Marc Bradford, Warhol, Christopher wool and Roy Lichtenstein, to name a few epic names.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is a city with a long and rich history of murals and street art. It would be difficult not to be impressed by the colourful array of expressive murals scattered around the city and their mark of raw expressions of emotion. While San Francisco was once home to at least six Banksy works, only one original work seems to remain there physically. The Mission neighbourhood is well known for its murals and street art, and Banksy’s ‘Bird Singing in Tree’ can still be seen through a fence at the corner of Erie and Mission Street. Other highlights include; The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, seven floors jam-packed with modern and contemporary art, De Young Museum in Golden Gate Park and the world-class Museum of the African Diaspora, one of the only museums that focus on art made by African artists across the globe.

Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is home to an abounding contemporary art scene which includes; The ICA Boston, which is an architectural marvel in itself and houses a multifaceted collection of national and international artworks in a range of media. The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston housing the likes of Mary Cassat and Vincent van Gogh. The Gardner Museum is another architectural marvel in its lavish reconstruction of a 15th-century Venetian palace— housing an extensive collection of European, Asian, and American art across diverse mediums like paintings, sculpture, tapestries, and decorative arts. The  Harvard Art Museums is a standout and Harvard's oldest museum featuring European & American art from the Middle Ages to the present day.

 Atlanta, Georgia

Atlanta's diverse and prevalent art scene can be seen across it's multifaceted institutions and the impressive display of distinct street art. In recent times it has even been noted as the best US city for displaying street art. From the infamous Krong Street Tunnel to midtown, East Atlanta Village, Castleberry Hill and the Old Fourth Ward district. The work of Banksy would surely not be out of place here! There is no shortage of prestigious institutional collections either, like The High Museum of Art, designed by Renzo Piano and Richard Meier whose collection includes everything from medieval Italian painters to local contemporary artists. 

Charlotte, North Carolina

The museums and galleries in Charlotte are said to be amongst the foremost in the nation. Some highlights include; The Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, dedicated to mid-20th-century modern art. Their collection consists of names like Alberto Giacometti, Joan Miró, Max Ernst, Andy Warhol, Jean Tinguely, Barbara Hepworth and Pablo Picasso. The Harvey B. Gantt Center for African-American Arts and Culture is another standout that champions celebrating the contributions of African Americans to the nation's cultural legacy. The Mint Museum Randolph is North Carolinas first museum. The landmark museum is spread across two sprawling locations that showcase a globally sourced collection, from the ancient Americas to European and African art. 

Washington, D.C

Washington's impressive art scene includes The National Gallery of Art, a sprawling collection spanning time and medium housing some of the greats like; Johannes Vermeer, Thomas Gainsborough, Jackson Pollock, Leonardo da Vinci, Sandro Botticelli, Monet and Van Gough! The Phillips Collection is also a highlight that houses a ton of classical masters like Van Gough, Cézanne and Renoir and modern masters like Paul Klee, Georgia O'Keeffe, Alfred Stieglitz, and Ellsworth Kelly. A lover of Modern and Contemporary Art? The Hirshhorn Museum (the building arguably a work of art in itself) has a permanent collection that exhibits artworks by some of the modern and contemporary art world's greatest masters, like Picasso, Matisse, Pollock, Bacon and Hopper. Another standout is the National Museum of Women in the Arts, which is the only museum exclusively dedicated to showcasing only female artists who span across different nationalities. It houses the likes of Frida Kahlo, Clara Peeters and Georgia O'Keeffe.

Miami, Florida

Even though you may have had the opportunity to view the LIITA painting at the ICA Miami during Art Basel, we think there is much more to see and do here! Miami presents a unique opportunity for more exciting events in partnership with the eclectic museums and institutions the city has to offer. A high profile list includes; The Perez Art Museum, The De la Cruz collection, ICA Miami (of which Particle is Partners with already), The Rubell museum, The Bass Museum, The Lowe Art Museum, The Museum of Contemporary art,  Superblue Miami and The Margulies Collection. The Wynwood Arts District is also a highlight here; it contains 70 museums and galleries and 30 studios. Wynwood Walls is a unique outdoor exhibition space with some of the world's most intriguing graffiti murals and street art across the neighborhood's buildings.

We've set out these brief descriptions to offer you a taste of what each of these unique cities has to offer. With that, we leave it to you. We know this will be hard to decide, and we are elated to present the opportunity to place the choice in YOUR hands. Choose wisely, and we can't wait to see you all there.

Voting will take place Wednesday, March 16th, and will last until Sunday March 20th, at midnight PST.  

We are in the process of developing a more sophisticated voting mechanism for future votes; however, in the interim, we wanted you to have your say sooner rather than later, so the first round of voting will be via Discord utilizing a custom made app. In the spirit of the current role structure for Banksy LIITA collectors on Discord, the following weighting will be applied to votes:

  • Collectors with 1 Particle will have 1 vote weight (Lvl 1),
  • Collectors with 2 Particles will have 2 vote weight (Lvl 2),
  • Collectors with 3 Particles or more will have 3 votes weight (Lvl 3)

More information on how to vote can be found on our FAQs here.

Happy voting!


Formation of the ParticleDAO

The Formation of ParticleDAO

This is the first iteration of our ideas for the Particle DAO. This is still a work in progress. We want to hear from you, and have you be part of forming the final structure of what will become the Particle DAO.

If you are a Particle owner and you’d like to contribute to the founding of the DAO, apply using the application form made available in the particle owners channel here.


The ParticleDAO will exist to help build a great people-governed fine art collection. The formal Mission is “to enable the Particle Foundation to buy, share, safekeep and govern humanity’s great works of art.”

The focus of the DAO will be to support The Particle Foundation, a non-profit 501c3 organization.  More detail will be forthcoming about how the DAO and the Foundation will interact and the responsibilities of each.

The Premise

We are kickstarting the community with existing Particle owners as the foundation of a new governance mechanism.  Nothing is set in stone, and we will be evolving the structure with existing Particle owners over the coming months.  In general, we are operating along the following structure:

Particles = Access

DAO Tokens = Governance

Any existing Particle owner will be part of creating a new governance mechanism, and will receive DAO tokens.  So as a starting point Particles themselves are a part of the initial  governance mechanisms of the DAO. This serves two purposes. It allows us to bootstrap our existing community and leverage the investment they have already made and creates a buy pressure on the NFT’s as possession of them will provide special access and services as well as decision-making in the DAO.

The Structure

The DAO will have 5 main components:

  1. Particle DAO Constitution: A formal document describing how the DAO Operates.
  2. Actions and Amendments: Proposals for structure, initiatives spending or a Constitutional Amendment.
  3. Community Committee: A body elected by the community to formally manage proposals, ideas and amendments. 
  4. Particle DAO Token: A token to operate the governance of the Particle DAO structure and enable an independent DAO treasury.
  5. Particle DAO Treasury: Where funds from private sales, donations and royalties can be collected and deployed.

The Particle DAO Constitution will detail each area in detail, including how elections, proposals, debate and voting will work. A first draft of the Constitution is expected in the upcoming weeks and will be open to community comments and revision.

Join the Revolution

If you are a particle owner and you’d like to contribute to the founding of the DAO and be part of the genesis committee, apply using the application form made available in the particle owners channel here.

If you have ideas on what exact benefits and advantages would be considered in DAO membership, feel free to share them with the community with this submission form.


What is a DAO and how can this concept be integrated into the art world?

As the traditional art world and crypto space continue to merge in the effect of NFTs, communication between the two disparate sectors can often leave things lost in translation.

Given that the entire NFT ecosystem is still very much in its infancy, if you became interested or involved in it, the chances are that your journey into the sector was not inaugural to the space itself. You were either first exposed to the ecosystem through your interests in the art world or your interests in the crypto space. 

The two sides can sometimes appear so different, especially in terms of the language, terminology, and the so-called “jargon” used by each side. Suppose you are well versed in art history. In that case, a term like chiaroscuro (a well-known technique used by the likes of da Vinci and Caravaggio where contrasts of light and dark are used to achieve a sense of volume in rendering three-dimensional objects) will be very familiar to you. Similarly, suppose you are native to the crypto space. In that case, the difference between proof-of-work vs proof of stake (one validating its transactions through computer mining, the other validating its transactions with deposits) will be a no brainer for you.

Even those brief definitions will probably need additional clarification and expansion for those who have never previously encountered the concepts. That is the case for many of us coming from either side looking into the other. 

For Particle, we see ourselves as the middle-man. As we merge these two sectors, we also want to establish our offering as a bridge between them— working to bridge the divide in terms of what we do and the avenues of knowledge that we provide.

As we prepare to launch our revolutionary ParticleDAO we thought it would be helpful to break down the concept of a DAO for those of you who may be unfamiliar with it.

What is a DAO:

The acronym DAO stands for decentralized autonomous organization. In layman’s terms, this is a system or organization run by and for its members with limited or no central ruling authority. How is this achieved, you may be wondering? The answer is; through the power of blockchain technology. The rules and governing principles of the organization are directly encoded on the blockchain, where they are transparent and controlled by the community members and un-influenced by any central ruling body. Because these records, rules, and transactions are distributed across a vast network, maintained and recorded on the blockchain and not by one organization, this allows them complete transparency and the inability for interference by a dominant power. Any amendments to these rules or any requests for action need to pass through a system of checks and balances that are again controlled by the DAO’s community members. Of course, every DAO will have its own unique set of rules and regulations as well as systems of checks and balances. 

DAOs have a history dating back to the origins of crypto itself. By way of example Bitcoin is probably the most well-known and earliest example of a successfully and democratically functioning DAO. It does not have a chief executive, a managing party or board members overseeing its daily operations. It is instead managed by consensus through its proof of work mechanism. Its maintenance is done by its miners which in effect vote on changes to how the network works by delegating amongst themselves whether they want to alter the way they do things or not, typically with an update to their software

DAOs, more recently, have been rapidly growing in popularity and mainstream awareness. Most recently, in November 2021, ConstitutionDAO demonstrated to the world the power of a community of like-minded individuals rallying around a common cause to bid on the U.S. constitution at auction. While the DAO was ultimately outbid, it left an indelible mark on the crypto world and captured mainstream attention and imagination. It has shown the world what is possible with DAOs and through the ParticleDAO, we will be taking the next step towards the future of crypto, governance and art. 

How can a DAO be integrated into the art world?

Now let's take the art world; think about what it may look like for an art world organization to limit the power of a central ruling authority in an ecosystem that has for so long been governed by an elite ruling class. An elite ruling class that has over the course of time used their influence to dominantly shape not only art historical discourse but also the art market, popular tastes, and visibility to the masses. 

Now, blockchain has created an opportunity for a revolutionary paradigm shift through alternative avenues of art ownership and mechanisms that will reward and give voice to those people outside those privileged circles.  

By way of example, ParticleDAO will allow its community to decide the physical collection's future collectively. We will give our community the ultimate power of voicing proposals and making the decisions they see fit. 

Through transparency, sharing of resources and equal access to information, we believe we can radically change how the art world thinks and functions. In this way, we see the position of a DAO in the art world as having the potential to replace outdated models and power structures, reinvigorating the arts for everyone. This solidarity and a new model of governance will be revolutionary.

The ParticleDAO will give participants unprecedented governance in the world’s greatest masterpieces. Participants will be able to participate in the inner workings of an art foundation that has been previously closed off and inaccessible to many individuals. Particle’s mission has always been to let people own, collect and experience art in a revolutionary new way. Now, we are putting that power directly into your hands. What will you do next?

In due course, we will be releasing more information on the detailed structure of ParticleDAO. For more information on our roadmap and plans ahead, click here.


What’s Next for Particle: ParticleDAO

If you were listening in on our last AMA, you would have heard our latest announcement and updated roadmap. For those of you that missed out, here it is; we are incredibly excited to announce that in continuation of our journey in offering art for all, we will be shortly launching ParticleDAO! For those of you who are not familiar with the term DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), simply put, it is a system or organization run by and for its members with limited or no central ruling authority. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing more specific details regarding the structure of the DAO with you. For now, we want to reiterate our "why" and show you how the DAO will contribute to our vision of putting the power in the hands of our community.  

Mission of the DAO:

To enable the Particle Community to buy, share, safe-keep and govern some of humanity's greatest works of art through the governance of the Particle Foundation.


The ParticleDAO will be the first decentralized fine art foundation of its kind. This means that our community, partners, and you will be able to participate directly in the stewardship of the physical works of art in the Particle Foundation. This is in addition to your minority personal ownership in works of art which will remain in Particle NFTs. Through the governance of the Particle Foundation, you will be able to participate, lead, and decide on the future of the physical works of art, strengthening your participation in the ownership and stewardship of the masterpieces the Foundation holds.

Why is this important? Because for too long fine art has been in the hands of a select few. The elite collector community has traditionally shaped the course of the art market and art historical discourse. Now, blockchain has created an opportunity for a revolutionary paradigm shift. This shift will allow for the decentralization of traditional practices of art collecting, ownership, and enjoyment.

How will we achieve this? We are going to form a Particle DAO token which will be the key to  governing the non-profit foundation. Governance over the Foundation means we will now be able to collectively decide the future of the collection, leveraging the community and the unprecedented access to experts provided by Particle. We will each have the opportunity to voice our proposals and suggest decisions that will afford the collection both the visibility and evolution that will allow it to become one of the greatest in the world.

Particle NFTs

Particle NFTs remain the way to directly own minority ownership in the works of art of the Particle Collection. Banksy Love is in the Air, acquired at auction at Sotheby’s in May 2021, is representative of our genesis and as such genesis holders will benefit from additional status ,benefits in the issuance of the DAO token as well as participation in the governance in the DAO. Why is that? Because Love is in the Air was carefully handpicked as the work of art that epitomizes the Particle mission: a peaceful, beautiful alternative to the status quo of fine art collecting. 

Particle NFTs also represent your Membership Pass into the Particle Ecosystem. They are the most seamless way of gaining control of the physical works of art through the governance of the Foundation that they are housed in. Beyond this, Particle NFTs are your ticket into the fine art world. A ticket that will get you unprecedented access to experts, advisors, collectors, artists, and events across the globe that will enrich your understanding, involvement and engagement with the fine art community– both physically and digitally. 


Q1 2022:  

March 2022:

  • Vote: First public Particle Collectors vote on the location of the next exhibit to be held on the collectors’ channel on Discord. Future votes will happen on a suite of DApps we are currently developing
  • ParticleDAO: Announcement and detail around the ParticleDAO structure.
  • Particle Presents: Schedule for the Particle Presents twitter series with prospective hosts and interviewees.
  • AMAs: Bi-weekly team AMA’s held to communicate progress with community.
  • Hiring continues for open roles in marketing, communications, partnerships and engineering.

Q2 2022:

  • (Tentatively April) Exhibit: First community voted exhibit held (Location: TBD by collector community)
  • Painting #2: Announcement of Painting #2
  • ParticleDAO: Tokenomics details released and finalized structure announced, and benefits entrusted to genesis LIITA Particle collectors.
  • The first round of hires is projected to be completed by the end of April.

Q3 2022:

  • Painting #2: Drop of painting #2 via revamped Whitelist mechanism with early access to LIITA collectors.
  • ParticleDAO: Launch of the ParticleDAO token.


Particle Announcement 2/22/2022

Hello Particle Community!

Mint out is an important milestone for the Particle community. It represents the culmination of many months of work and the dedication and support of the community. We sincerely thank everyone who continues to bring the Particle vision to life and want to reaffirm our commitment towards creating a revolutionary new art ownership and collecting experience.

To thrust the project into its next phase, Particle will mint out the remaining particles over the course of a couple weeks.

Half of these particles will be held by Particle and the other half will be split among various partners and backers of Particle that are passionate about and committed to the future this community is building together. Mint will remain open during this time so anyone who wishes to purchase more particles can do so until all remaining particles have been minted, at which time the mint will be closed. 

Naturally, as we approach the end of this launch phase, we are focused on expanding the meaning and power of owning LIITA Particles.

Through our many conversations with community members, it is clear that everyone wants to participate more deeply in the governance of the masterpieces, as well as the governance of the non-profit. We are not only committed to making these desires a reality, but our governance work is well underway to deliver unprecedented access into the inner workings of the art and museum world. 

Community participation and governance has always been at the core of Particle’s vision, and we can’t wait to share our plans with all of you. 
The first step towards community involvement in key decision making will be a vote to decide where Banksy’s Love is in the Air should be exhibited next. We will be holding this vote on the Banksy Collectors chat as we are still building our suite of dapps to allow for a more structured, native voting process.

Stay tuned as we have a lot of exciting announcements over the next few weeks.

Be sure to also tune into our AMA next Tuesday (2/22) at 1pm PST/ 4pm EST / 10pm CET which will be hosted on Twitter Spaces. We will be gathering questions in the discord through the #ama-questions channel, and will be taking last minute questions at the end of the call. We hope to see you all there soon.

Thank You,
The Particle Team