Formation of the ParticleDAO

March 8, 2022
3 min read

The Formation of ParticleDAO

This is the first iteration of our ideas for the Particle DAO. This is still a work in progress. We want to hear from you and have you be part of forming the final structure of what will become the Particle DAO.

If you are a Particle owner and you’d like to contribute to the founding of the DAO, apply using the application form made available in the particle owners channel here.


The ParticleDAO will exist to help build a great people-governed fine art collection. The formal Mission is “to enable the Particle Foundation to buy, share, safekeep and govern humanity’s great works of art.”

The focus of the DAO will be to support The Particle Foundation, a non-profit 501c3 organization.  More detail will be forthcoming about how the DAO and the Foundation will interact and the responsibilities of each.

The Premise

We are kickstarting the community with existing Particle owners as the foundation of a new governance mechanism.  Nothing is set in stone, and we will be evolving the structure with existing Particle owners over the coming months.  In general, we are operating along the following structure:

Particles = Access

DAO Tokens = Governance

Any existing Particle owner will be part of creating a new governance mechanism and will receive DAO tokens.  So as a starting point Particles themselves are a part of the initial governance mechanisms of the DAO. This serves two purposes. It allows us to bootstrap our existing community and leverage the investment they have already made and creates a buy pressure on the NFTs as possession of them will provide special access and services as well as decision-making in the DAO.

The Structure

The DAO will have 5 main components:

  1. Particle DAO Constitution: A formal document describing how the DAO Operates.
  2. Actions and Amendments: Proposals for structure, initiatives spending or a Constitutional Amendment.
  3. Community Committee: A body elected by the community to formally manage proposals, ideas and amendments. 
  4. Particle DAO Token: A token to operate the governance of the Particle DAO structure and enable an independent DAO treasury.
  5. Particle DAO Treasury: Where funds from private sales, donations and royalties can be collected and deployed.

The Particle DAO Constitution will detail each area in detail, including how elections, proposals, debate and voting will work. A first draft of the Constitution is expected in the upcoming weeks and will be open to community comments and revision.

Join the Revolution

If you are a particle owner and you’d like to contribute to the founding of the DAO and be part of the genesis committee, apply using the application form made available in the particle owners channel here.

If you have ideas on what exact benefits and advantages would be considered in DAO membership, feel free to share them with the community with this submission form.

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