Loïc Gouzer

Co-Founder – Acquisitons

Loïc Gouzer was co-chairman of Christie's Post-War and Contemporary Art for seven years where he orchestrated the sales of the five most expensive works ever sold at auction, including the record-breaking sale of Da Vinci’s Salvator Mundi for $450,000,000. In 2011 in partnership with Leonardo Di Caprio he organised an 11th hour auction which raised $35,000,000 for conservation efforts –the largest charity auction ever organised. Loïc has advised some of the biggest fine art collectors in the world, and is widely considered a leading tastemaker in the art market. Loïc is also on the board of Oceana, a non-profit dedicated to the preservation and saving of the oceans. Loic will now put his expertise, deep knowledge in the field, and his access to great works to spearhead Particle’s acquisitions.