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Own, collect, and experience art masterpieces through blockchain and NFTs.

Banksy Love is in the Air Particles are SOLD OUT.

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Collecting art has historically been a privilege of the select few. The elite collector community has traditionally shaped the course of the art market and art history.

Now, blockchain has created an opportunity for a game-changing paradigm shift. This shift will allow for the decentralization of traditional practices of art collecting, ownership, and enjoyment.

Our beliefs


Our vision is to leverage the blockchain and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to radically change the way people own, collect, experience, and ultimately enjoy art.


Our mission is to acquire some of the most important fine art masterpieces in the world, and to put them in the hands of the Particle community. 




Each painting acquired is divided into a grid resulting into 10,000 NFTs we call Particles.


Each Particle is unique allowing the holder to enjoy a personal connection to the artwork within the overarching structure of collective ownership.


While unique, each Particle should always be considered as part of the whole. The more conviction you have in a specific work, the more we encourage you to collect more Particles.


Particles can be openly traded on the Particle Marketplace as well as other secondary marketplaces.


Each Particle comes illustrated by a collectors card and a clearly defined basket of rights with relation to the painting.



Love is
in the Air

British-born Banksy has become a global cultural phenomena, celebrated for pushing the boundaries through his street art roots through audacious, rebellious stunts and daring playfulness.  His work Love is in the Air is a supreme masterpiece that perfectly represents Particle’s philosophy of a peaceful yet radical revolution. On May 12, 2021 following a 14-minute bidding battle between 4 buyers, Particle prevailed and purchased Banksy’s iconic Love is in the Air for $12.9 million.

This masterpiece is the first to be put through the Particalization Process. Sign up to be the first to purchase a piece of it today.

The Particle Foundation

What does this all mean for the physical paintings? The physical works of art will be placed in the Particle Foundation, a non-profit public trust and physical museum whose purpose is to maintain, preserve, and display the collection on behalf of the Particle community.

Every work acquired by the community will be immediately integrated into the Particle Foundation and will never be sold.  The Particle Foundation will operate like a public trust but for the enjoyment of the Particle community. The Particle Foundation will also develop a museum in the metaverse where the collection will be always accessible.


Join the Particle Community

Join the growing Particle community


Q1 2022

March 2022:

  • Vote: First public Particle Collectors vote on the location of the next exhibit to be held on the collectors’ channel on Discord. Future votes will happen on a suite of DApps we are currently developing
  • ParticleDAO: Announcement and detail around the ParticleDAO structure.
  • Particle Presents: Schedule for the Particle Presents twitter series with prospective hosts and interviewees.
  • AMAs: Bi-weekly team AMA’s held to communicate progress with community.
  • Hiring continues for open roles in marketing, communications, partnerships and engineering.

Q2 2022

April 2022:

  • Exhibit: First community voted exhibit held (Location: TBD by collector community)

Rest of Quarter

  • Painting #2: Announcement of Painting #2
  • ParticleDAO: Tokenomics details released and finalized structure announced, and benefits entrusted to genesis LIITA Particle collectors.
  • The first round of hires is projected to be completed by the end of April.

Q3 2022

Painting #2: Drop of painting #2 via revamped Whitelist mechanism with early access to LIITA collectors.
ParticleDAO: Launch of the ParticleDAO token.


Powered by Avalanche

We are proud to announce our selection of the Avalanche chain as Particle's blockchain partner.
Avalanche empowers easy, low-fee creation and trading of digital smart assets with complex custom rule sets that define how the asset is handled and traded to ensure regulatory compliance. Avalanche’s C-Chain is the fastest smart contracts platform in the blockchain industry, as measured by time-to-finality. It is an implementation of the EVM and is 100% compatible with existing Ethereum tooling. Meaning, everything you can do on Ethereum you can do on the C-Chain with the added benefit of 1000’s of tps, near-instant finality and low fees.

Furthermore Avalanche is a breakthrough for crypto, and green technology. It is recognized as one of the most ecologically friendly blockchains. In addition to using proof-of-stake as a sybil deterrence mechanism, rather than proof-of-work, Avalanche is a quiescent protocol. This means that if there are no transactions for a node to process, it will lay dormant and not waste energy.